They might be reasons but I think this company is expressing their values in an interesting and fun way.

  1. We’re experts in our field
  2. We’re good listeners
  3. We speak your language
  4. We’re part of your team
  5. We take it personally
  6. We thrive on pressure
  7. We’ll make you look good
  8. We keep it simple
  9. We are nit-picking perfectionists (you say this and we see it as a compliment)
  10. We’ll never let you down

These work for me and linked to cartoons makes the values more fun. This aligns with values that our company Production People has and that we see as very important. It shows that this is a company that listens to its clients and in a very demanding field they have a passion to get it right.

Production People’s Vision

To provide exceptional service to our clients and to exceed their expectations every time by delivering creative flair and technical ingenuity.


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